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If you’ve been charged with theft, fraud, assault, domestic violence, or have been in an accident, we can help!

Have you been charged with domestic violence? Are you facing criminal prosecution? No matter the reason, our law firm has the knowledge and education to provide you with professional and successful legal representation in San Antonio, TX. Don’t face criminal charges alone.

We know that every client is different and what worked in one criminal defense case will not work for another. This is why we make sure to tailor our defense based on your specific case. We also ensure that economic limitations are addressed too. Our fee structure will be tailored to your needs and what you can afford every time.
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The Locke Law Group, Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys In San Antonio, TX

The Locke Law Group, a criminal defense firm in San Antonio, TX, defends clients against a host of criminal charges in San Antonio and its vicinity. Individuals indicted of a criminal charge are guarded with certain fundamental rights to ensure security from malicious legal traps. In such situations, it is important that a defendant consults with and hires an experienced criminal defense attorney in San Antonio, TX. The principal aim of the attorney is to support them through the complex legal process, but also to secure their future opportunities by reducing the penalty, obtaining a dismissal, or getting a “not guilty” verdict from the criminal court. A competent criminal defense attorney protects their client from the potentially severe consequences of being convicted, which can include a high penalty fee and a jail sentence.

The Locke Law Group has helped its many clients minimize or eliminate the penalties they faced in a criminal court in San Antonio. Our attorneys work tirelessly to build a smart defense strategy in every single case by using their experience, skills, time, and credentials to help you and your family to the very best of their ability. If you are looking for the highest quality of representation in your Texas criminal case, the Locke Law Group is the right choice for you.

The Locke Law Group, Dedicated Family Law Attorneys In San Antonio, TX

Family law is the area of law that addresses issues within family relationships such as divorce, child custody, child support, parental rights, adoption, and paternity. During stressful family situations like a divorce or a custody dispute, emotions run high and people are not at their most rational. It is extremely important to have a family law attorney involved in any such San Antonio, TX case to protect your legal rights and provide an unbiased opinion.

Once a court order has been issued in a case, it can be nearly impossible to change what has been ordered on your own. Hiring an experienced attorney can help you avoid being subjected to unfair agreements. It is imperative to protect your rights, especially regarding issues that directly impact your relationship with your child or other family members. A qualified family law attorney in San Antonio, TX can assist you in creating a fair and balanced custody agreement or in asking the court to modify an existing order.

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Why Choose Locke Law’s San Antonio, TX Criminal Defense & Family Law Attorneys

The Locke Law Group is one of the leading criminal defense firms in San Antonio, TX and its suburbs. For more than two decades, these criminal defense attorneys in San Antonio, TX have been providing their legal services to a large number of people residing in Texas, and helping them in obtaining a plea bargain or dropping their charges. Their criminal expertise lies in assault and battery charges, criminal defense, white-collar crimes, personal injury, expunction, violent crimes, drug crimes, and sex crimes.

Their family law expertise lies in divorce, child custody, parental rights, paternity, spousal support, and any other legal issue that can come between families. Family law is an extremely delicate area that requires the sharing of intimate details about yourself, your finances, and your personal relationships. You need a family law attorney in San Antonio, TX that you can trust with these sensitive issues and the attorneys at Locke Law are experienced in practicing family law with the utmost respect to you, your family, and your privacy.

The Locke Law group, a criminal defense and family law firm in San Antonio, TX is the best choice, thanks to the following features:

  • Over two decades of time-tested experience - assault and battery, DUI, sex crimes, expunction, family law, and personal injury
  • We make each case our top priority
  • Tailored defense strategies for your specific needs
  • Free consultation
  • Experienced trial attorneys
  • Compassionate and considerate attitude towards clients
  • Tailored fee structure with flexible payment schedules
  • Prompt communication
  • We are here to listen to you and solve your problems

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How A Criminal Defense Attorney In San Antonio, TX Can Save You from Criminal Penalties

Every criminal case is different with unique facts, evidence, circumstances, allegations, and more. Some criminal charges are resolved quickly, while others take time. It is frustrating for clients and their families to wait with uncertainty about criminal proceedings. Looking for the best San Antonio criminal defense attorney is the right thing to do in such legal chaos. The Locke Law Group ensures full compliance with the legal process and guides you through every step of your case, so that you have a clear understanding of the law from arrest to a jury trial or plea bargain, depending on your needs. The Locke Law Group protects your fundamental rights, defends cases at trial or probation violation hearings, and focuses on delivering the best possible outcome for you. Undeniably, Texas criminal law is strict and shows full compliance with the rules and regulations.

The bottom line is that it is beneficial to discuss your case with our experienced team of criminal defense attorneys and family law attorneys in San Antonio, TX, The Locke Law Group. We have a skillful team of experienced attorneys who assist people in criminal defense, violent crimes, drug crimes, sex crimes, divorces, custody cases, and much more. Whether you are entangled in criminal accusations or family upheaval, it highly advisable to hire Locke Law Group’s skilled criminal defense attorneys and family law attorneys in San Antonio, TX, who can help you and your family in getting out of this legally complex situation.

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