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What To Do Before You Are Charged For A Crime In Arizona

May 25, 2018

Being charged with a crime in Arizona is as scary and intimidating as it is anywhere else. But each state has its own criminal laws and Arizona is no different. If you have been implicated in an Arizona crime, you need skilled, aggressive criminal defense by your side.

Only a criminal defense lawyer in Arizona understands the criminal court processes and laws well enough to fully protect your rights. But do not wait until you charges are filed. Contact an Arizona criminal defense lawyer when you are still under suspicion. Do not second-guess the process or whether you will even face charges after being questioned and released. Immediately contact a qualified attorney able to defend you.

After questioning and release, you still top the list of suspects. You remain part of an active investigation and face the potential of being charged for a crime. Whether your case involves accusations of DUI, OUI, theft, assault, domestic violence, white collar crime, violent crime, trespassing, or other type of crime, call an experienced Arizona criminal defense lawyer immediately.

About the Pre-Charge Phase of Arizona Criminal Cases

The pre-charge phase of criminal cases occurs any time before charges in the matter are filed, as part of an ongoing investigation. This time period is one you need to take advantage of, by securing a criminal defense lawyer’s representation. An experienced criminal defense attorney in Phoenix can help you try to avoid charges being filed, at all. You may even be removed from suspicion with your lawyer’s help.

You need an aggressive, highly experienced criminal defense lawyer, one who knows Arizona criminal law. The earlier your lawyer is made aware of the case, the better your potential outcome. Fighting your case in the pre-charge time period is far easier than after charging.

You also want to have a lawyer during the pre-charge phase, as your lawyer works hard to keep charges from being added to your criminal record. Just having charges listed means you have to explain things to many people in the future: potential employers, property managers for rentals, and even people in your social circle.

Being charged for some crimes means you go to jail immediately. Being held without bail or being considered non-bondable means you can sit in jail for months, a year or longer while awaiting resolution to your charges. That is, even if you are innocent in the filed charges.

The Help a Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer Provides in the Pre-Charge Phase

Your criminal defense lawyer starts working for you right away, when you hire them during the pre-charge phase. They start by contacting law enforcement officers investigating the matter. A well-known lawyer in Phoenix, AZ can step into your pre-charge phase with the power and respect of being familiar to and with law enforcement in your case. Your attorney develops a rapport with the officers to help you gain reduced or even dropped charges.

Other ways your attorney helps you in the pre-charge phase include asking for the summons to be provided to the law firm, instead of showing up at your door, serving you at work or issuing a bench warrant for your arrest. If the court issues an arrest warrant, your lawyer goes with you to court to file a Motion to Quash the bench warrant, with you pleading not guilty.

Your lawyer also works to gain a copy of your police report to review the document and interview witnesses. Arizona law enforcement is not supposed to provide this copy during an ongoing investigation. But sometimes administrative errors occur and help your case.

Your case also can benefit from private investigator services during the pre-charge phase. A lie detector test or other types of tests can also help you aggressively defend yourself in court from the start. For some types of cases like those resulting in property damage or financial loss, a civil settlement often satisfies the alleged victim, leading to dropped charges. These types of resolutions sometimes even influence prosecutors to not press charges.

Early in your case, many opportunities exist to redirect the outcome or prevent charges from being filed. This is true for many types of criminal cases, even felonies and those going before a Grand Jury.

You Need a Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer Immediately

It is never too early to hire a skilled Arizona criminal defense lawyer. But it can grow too late for the help you need to make a significant difference in your future. So immediately upon hearing you are under suspicion for a crime, whether innocent or thinking you face a potential guilty verdict, call for an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer.

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