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Drug Charges

Over the past few years there have been significant differences in the way that drug crimes are prosecuted in Bexar County, Comal County, Kendall County and other counties in Texas. Additionally, we have seen changes in how the Federal Government prosecutes the unlawful possession of controlled substances or drugs. So the first question that you need to have answered is how does the jurisdiction (the County or the Federal Court) where you were arrested handle felony or misdemeanor drug charges. It has become something of an issue a problem a source of confusion and frustration that if you are arrested in Travis County (Austin) with marijuana you have no problem, but if you are arrested for the exact same thing in Comal County you have a life altering problem.

When my clients come into my office they are often dealing with their own drug issues and with their own living issues, and now they are being asked to deal with the stress of an arrest. Many of them are struggling with anxiety and depression and have found that the marijuana or other drugs that they were using were helping them cope with those situations better than their prescribed medication.

The most common drug offense that we handle in Texas is possession of penalty one group controlled substances, such as heroin, synthetic marijuana, methamphetamine, hashish, and good old fashioned, marijuana.

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