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The Locke Law Group is a different kind of law firm. In San Antonio, Texas a person looking for representation for a criminal case or a family case is likely to find two different kind of law firms. There are sole practitioners who practice out of small offices with maybe a single assistant or no staff at all, and there are huge law firms who rotate their attorneys frequently so their clients never get the individualized attention that criminal law and family law cases require. The Locke Law Group combines these two kinds of law firms. We have the staff necessary to take care of multiple clients at the same time. Additionally, our attorneys provide personalized attention so that the attorney/client relationship becomes an attorney/client bond. We offer the flexibility of a big firm with the personalized attention of a sole practitioner. This flexibility and personalized attention will help us understand your goals and how to achieve them.

What is a Client-Centered Law Firm?

Divorce lawyers, criminal defense lawyers, child custody lawyers, federal criminal defense attorneys have two jobs. The first is to explain options. When you are accused of a crime or if you are going through a divorce it is normal to feel like someone else is controlling the process. Your attorney is there to help you seize back that control, and your attorney does this by explaining your options. Good lawyers create new options and think creatively. If you keep being told that something isn’t possible it may be because it isn’t, but it may also be because the lawyer you’re talking to hasn’t thought creatively about the problem. We understand that our creative solutions give our clients more time with their children and our criminal clients more freedom so we make sure that every option is explored before the case is resolved. Along with exploring options an attorney must perform the second part of the representation which is warning about risk. What happens if we try this and we fail? What is the risk of not coming to an agreement? If we don’t accept the plea bargain what might the judge or the jury to me?

A client-centered law firm is a law firm that puts your needs at the front of the representation. Your goals, your risk, your decisions are what drives our representation. If you feel lost in the system we can be your guide. If you feel like no one is on your side we will be your advocate.

What do you mean high value?

Some lawyers take pride in charging large fees and demanding them all at once. We are different. We will charge a fee based on the amount of work we expect to do. If you cannot come up with the full amount all at once we will work with you on a payment plan. Johnnie Cochran once said that the color of justice is green, meaning that only the wealthy could afford true justice. We fight against this by making our services available to as many people as possible. At The Locke Law Group we want to be a force for good, which means working with you in this stressful time so that legal fees are not one of the things you are worrying about.

Your Case Is Our Top Priority

Seeking legal representation that will make you their top priority is hard to find. Most law firms are focused on what your case could mean to them. At The Locke Law Group in San Antonio, we put your needs first. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you in any criminal law and family law cases you find yourself facing.

The Key To An Effective Defense Is Listening

The Locke Law Group prides themselves on their listening capabilities. Listening is a pillar of our company’s philosophy. If your legal team fails to listen to what you want or what you believe happened, they cannot truly represent you in a criminal law and family law cases. In every stage of your case, we are there listening to your goals.

Does The Locke Law Group Charge Hourly or Flat Fees?

At The Locke Law Group our mission is to correct injustice. We hope that everything we do is targeted at correcting injustice for our clients. Our firm’s fees reflect this mission, and we often work out payment plans with our clients so that at our law firm the color of justice is NOT green.

Our Experience Gets Results

Our legal advisors in San Antonio, TX are capable of fighting any criminal case, family law representation, federal or white collar crime or child custody matter that you find yourself dealing with:

No matter your situation, if you find yourself in need of a criminal law or family law representation, The Locke Law Group is here for you. We have represented people in San Antonio, TX and throughout South/Central Texas for over two decades and have the knowledge and experience to help with your case. Find out more about our criminal law and family law services, and call us to schedule a consultation.

  • Money laundering
  • Forgery
  • Bribery
  • Embezzlement
  • Extortion
  • Internet crimes

White-collar crime can be a complex matter. It is important to have a white-collar crime attorney with extensive experience in knowledge in all types of cases. From fraud to tax evasion, The Locke Law Group have over two decades of experience practicing white-collar crime, criminal defense and family law in San Antonio, TX. Give us a call today to set up a consultation.

We tailor our representation to your specific needs

We know that every client is different and what worked in one criminal defense or family law case will not work for another. This is why we make sure to tailor our defense based on your specific case. We also ensure that economic limitations are addressed too. Our fee structure will be tailored to your needs and the amount of work your case will require. We never charge by the court date. Our family law cases are billed by the hour and we charge flat fees on our criminal cases.

Don’t go to court without an advocate and counselor by your side.

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