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I’m on Bexar County House Arrest should I Cut off my Ankle Monitor?

November 21, 2020

If you’re on Bexar County House Arrest you’d be an Idiot to Cut off your monitor! Right? Everyone who is on Bexar County house arrest thinks about cutting off their monitor. After a couple of weeks of house arrest, even the most law-abiding citizen would start considering cutting off their ankle monitor. Of course, you shouldn’t do it. The purpose of this blog post is to inform you how your lawyer can help you survive on house arrest. Why am I on House Arrest? If you are reading this article you are probably on house arrest and reporting to a… Read More

Why Can’t I find my Driver’s License After My DWI Arrest?

September 18, 2020

Where’s your driver’s license and how can a DWI defense attorney help you find it? After being arrested for a DWI or a DUI most people are afraid and confused. Usually, people accused of DWI have never been in trouble before, and aren’t sure what they should do. But the first question most people ask, where’s my driver’s license? This post will explain what happened to your driver’s license. But answering that question also answers the question about the first thing you need to do after a DWI arrest. The Police Officer Took Your Driver’s License                 You can’t find… Read More

Can I Get a DWI Deferred Adjudication in Bexar County, Texas?

August 23, 2020

Up until recently the answer to this question was that it was impossible to get a deferred adjudication on a DWI. Yes, you can get deferred adjudication for a first time DWI in the State of Texas. This article addresses deferred adjudication, the consequences of deferred and how to get deferred adjudication. This is a relatively new development as people who were arrested for DWI before September of 2019 could not receive deferred adjudication for a DWI. Many people who are arrested for a DWI have no criminal record so they need to be careful when accepting plea bargains and… Read More

Texas Felony Assault Accusations

July 28, 2020

What is a Felony Assault in San Antonio, TX? When someone is accused of an assault in San Antonio, TX the first question they often ask is “how much trouble am I in?” Assaults can be both felonies or misdemeanors. If you’ve been arrested for an assault you may be wondering what makes an assault a felony, or if you’ve been arrested for a felony or a misdemeanor. Knowing the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor can help you get the most out of your San Antonio, Texas criminal defense representation. This post focuses on felony assaults and not… Read More

How to Win an Assault By Strangulation Case

July 12, 2020

How can a criminal defense attorney help you win an Assault by Choking and Strangulation Case? Why were you charged with Assault by Choking Strangulation when you didn’t strangle or choke anyone?  What does it mean to be charged with Assault by Strangulation? This article will help you understand the answers to these questions so that you can begin to understand your case and the options available to you. Why was I Charged with Assault by Strangulation/Choking? Police officers are paid to make arrests. Just like anyone else they strive to do important work. Making arrests for felonies is considered… Read More

Expunctions Explained. What is an Expunction and Why You Need One

July 3, 2020

What is an Expunction? What is an Expunction? What is the point of getting an expunction? Why should I hire a criminal defense attorney to get my case expunged? Do you really need to hire a lawyer to get my case expunged? Isn’t it cheaper to do it myself? When does someone get a Criminal Record? When you get arrested you automatically get a criminal record. In fact, everyone who has been pulled over for a traffic offense or a traffic ticket has a criminal record. But when you get put in handcuffs it’s different. When you get put in… Read More

What is a 12.44?

June 18, 2020

Why Your Loved One Keeps Asking for a 12.44 on a State Jail Felony Drug Case What is a 1244 and Do I even Want One? Can I get a 12.44? How do you qualify for a 12.44 when you are in Bexar County Jail? How can a criminal defense attorney help you or a loved one qualify for punishment under this statute? When you have a loved one who has been arrested and is waiting in jail it feels like no one is giving you any information. Many times your loved one calls and tells you what they see… Read More

Defending Against Criminal Mischief Charges in San Antonio, TX

June 1, 2020

What is Criminal Mischief? Have you been accused of criminal mischief in San Antonio, Texas? Most people are not aware that this crime exists  crime they get arrested for it. If you have been accused of criminal mischief in San Antonio, Texas it is normal to wonder what that means and how the State will prove the case against you, or what that crime even means. Criminal mischief is defined under the Texas Penal Code 28.03. This occurs when someone intentionally damages the property of another so that the property is not worth as much. The State needs to prove:… Read More

Defending Yourself in Texas- Explaining Self-Defense

May 23, 2020

What is Self-Defense in Texas? How do you claim self-defense in San Antonio, Texas? If it was self-defense, how am I getting arrested? If I have been arrested for a crime of violence, can I still claim self-defense? How can a lawyer use a self-defense argument to get a case dismissed or get a client acquitted? This blog post will help answer these and other questions surrounding self-defense in Texas and San Antonio, Texas. What is Self-Defense? The law of self-defense is one of the most complicated areas of criminal defense. Section 9.31 of the Texas Penal Code defines when… Read More

Bexar County Standing Orders What You Need to Know Before Divorce

May 8, 2020

What Are Bexar County Standing Orders or What Orders Go Into Effect Once I File for Divorce?                The Bexar County Standing Orders are Special Orders that apply to both parties once a divorce is filed.  These Standing Orders automatically go into place at the time a divorce action is filed.  The Standing Orders also include provisions for children, for the child custody part of a divorce.  A copy of the Standing Orders is attached to the Divorce Petition and it is included with the divorce papers once the other party is served.  If you are getting a San Antonio… Read More