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Our clients consistently give us high marks and refer their friends and family to our office. We are honored and humbled by each person that puts their trust in us. We understand that when you are hiring a criminal defense attorney or a family law attorney you are putting your future and your family in our hands. We take each client’s case seriously and their needs and goals drive our representation.


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By: Roseanna Palencia on The Locke Law Group

If I could give 10 stars I would . Jennifer and her team have been nothing but dedicated to my case and I couldn’t be happier . I was scared at first just because I’ve never been in a situation so delicate. But I’m very pleased with my decision to choosing Jennifer Locke as my attorney . Thank you from the bottom of my heart . I was able to get thru a modification with such ease knowing she has your back

By: Josiah-Andrew Navarro on The Locke Law Group

I am speechless. If you can exercise a certain amount of trust for Mr. Locke and his team to let them perform their craft, then you will be putting yourself into tremendously capable hands. I am walking as of this morning a free man becase of Mr. Locke, who has been professional, competent, and a downright blessing to the lives of me and my family! He demonstrates a deep understanding of the process, and after a year of unimaginable weight on me, he has outdone himself! I would recommend him personally to as many people as I have an opportunity to! Thank you Locke Law Group!

By: Robert Duarte on The Locke Law Group

Mr Locke is one of the most charismatic and empathetic attorneys I have had the opportunity of working with. Shannon constantly kept me in the loop regarding my case and allayed any concerns I had prior to my court date. He was clear, concise and methodical in his approach to my situation. He played an instrumental role and although there is never a guarantee when it comes to things of this nature, I was confident in his abilities and ultimately he was able to garner a result in my favor which I am forever grateful for. I highly reccommend Mr. Locke and his staff. If you find yourself in need of someone who is understanding and willing to go the distance to make sure you are represented diligently, Mr Locke and his team will not leave you disappointed.

“The Locke Law Group was very professional and answered all my questions. When I called them to obtain answers or have questions. Someone always answered the phone and had a reply or I got a call back in a timely manner. Awesome lawyers working hard for us, and awesome staff. Friendly and professional.”

Thomas G.

“Working with the Locke firm was great. They were able to coach me through all my questions because I have never been through an experience like that and wasn’t sure what to expect. The outcome was more than what I could have asked for.”

Blake S.

“Great firm with great lawyers! They have helped my family with several needs. We will be back!”

Michael Z.

“Everything was awesome working with Shannon Locke and Javier, they were prompt, straight to the point and especially efficient. I would work with the firm again and would tell others to do the same.”

Thomas G.

“I would highly recommend them. The entire staff and everyone was friendly and helpful and willing to answer any questions at any time.”

Melanie R.

“He was good at explaining everything to me about the process and I never was confused. Everything went just as planned and just as I could have hoped for.”

Noah B.

“He was always open and communicated well with me, I was always up to date with everything and never had any problems with getting my concerns addressed.”

Marcus B.

“Shannon Locke is awesome and basically saved my life. He is easy to talk to and he is really concerned and cares about you. He truly wants to help and fight for what you need and want.”

Matthew M.

“I had called for some legal advice with me living in San Antonio but the case was out of county. He had told me up front to stay with an attorney in that county but still took the time to give me some really helpful information about what was going on. That shows a lot about himself and his character. I would highly recommend Mr. Locke he clearly cares about his job.”

Greg L.

“Best possible outcome!

My son was facing serious charges. One would have to understand our agony and pain.
After, a long frustrating search of effective attorneys, I called the law of office of Shannon Locke. I remember, I felt a sense of relief as he listened attentively to our concerns, and told us to call him Shannon. However, it was when he asked to tell him about our son, that’s when I knew we’d found our attorney.

We live in a different state, so of course, we researched, Shannon extensively, along with all of his reviews. Then, we became concerned if we could afford his services. His fees were reasonable! And, Shannon went to visit our son immediately!

Due to Shannon’s, persistence the charges were litigated to a condition that we were very pleased with. He is truly a very good Attorney!

We are quite grateful with the services of Shannon Locke.”

Angela L.

“These guys are awesome saved my career and my family!”

Steve G.

“Great attorneys here. Mr. Shannon Locke is helping me with my case and he is very helpful.”

Julina S.

“Mr. Locke and his team went above and beyond. I highly recommend the Locke Law Group.”

Tony C.

Michelle B.

Chris G.

“Awesome attorneys that deliver great results.”

Phenom A.

Becky D.

“Mr. Locke obtained stellar results for me in a complex case with some unexpected twists and turns. Highly recommend!”

Parrish J.


Coaster W.

“Outstanding staff.”

Ricardo S.

Erica S.

“These guys are life savers. I don’t want to get into detail but I had my career and family on the line. Both Shannon and Jennifer worked hard on my case. Thanks to them my career and my family are intact. Thank you!”

Steve G.

“Mr. Locke did an absolutely wonderful job with my daughter’s case. He advised us and guided us through the whole process, and obtained a very fair agreement. I would hire him again for any future legal issues. Mr. Locke has my full trust and confidence, and I would recommend his services to anyone in need of a kick-ass attorney!”

Kat M.

“Very professional. Great communication client-lawyer. I would highly recommend their services.”

Ernesto R.

“Very pleased with the way Mr. Locke handled my case. I will recommend his services to anyone in need of a good lawyer. Thank you again Mr. Locke, for all your hard work.”

Lonnie L.

“Mr. Locke was efficient and very helpful in regard to our situation. Mr. Locke also provided additional resources to help with our case.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Locke was very patient, informative, and reliable at all times I would & will recommend him to anyone looking for a professional and trustworthy attorney. Believe me when I say that I am not the easiest person to get along with because I think that I know everything but in this case Mr. Locke was still by my side and for that I thank you for all of your hard work and patience.”

A Satisfied Client

“I couldn’t have been more happy with my attorney, Jennifer Warren Silva, at The Locke Law Group. On short notice, she built a case for my defense in a custody case that was riddled with false accusations and skewed “evidence”. Like the skilled tactician she is, she picked apart the lies and presented them for what they were to the judge, exposing the opposing party as the liar she is, which allowed justice to prevail to the best outcome available. My children and I thank you so much for bringing us back together within two hours of the gavel’s strike. If you are in need of the best Family Law attorney around, along with their criminal defense services they offer as well, look no further than the professionals at The Locke Law Group.”

Nick C.

“Outstanding staff!”

Ricardo S.

“Shannon and Jennifer Locke, both are so awesome! First of all, I got myself into some trouble with a possible felony; not only did Shannon get my felony dismissed but I got a lesser charge in sentencing! That was worth his retainer (very reasonable compared to other attorneys that I had contacted) alone. However, in the midst of my legal quagmire, my ex-wife tried to use my arrest report against me to try to restrict my access to my children. I was really caught off guard by her trying to back-door me but Shannon and Jennifer sat down with me while I discussed my relationship with my kid’s mom. Not only did her case fall flat in court. I was able to get my child support reduced, and my visitation extended even though I was facing a felony! I was amazed as I sat in court and watched Jennifer cross examine my ex, she got her to contradict most of her earlier statements! I am floored! I can’t recommend these two attorneys enough. I wish that I had known about Jennifer when I first got divorced. She is my number one choice for all family court matters from this day forward! Thank you both so much!”

Chris S.

“Shannon Locke is a great attorney. He knows the system and how it works and navigates the system with ease. I met Shannon 3 months ago on an issue that had plagued me for 20 years. I remember the day I called him, he was meeting with someone else at the time, but returned my call within 5 minutes and scheduling an office meeting 30 minutes later. With complex legal issues presented to him, he came up with a plan and executed it with precision. In less than 3 months he took something that has affected a third of my life and solved it, thus freeing me from something that had caused me great difficulty for two decades.

Throughout the case, I offered him more money and he flat out refused to take it. Honest? Absolutely. Integrity, he has that in spades. Other attorneys would have taken more money or delayed things far beyond what they needed to be to resolve a complex case just to gain an extra buck. Not Shannon, you couldn’t shovel more money his way because he came up with a plan, charged a reasonable amount of money for it, and never wavered in his commitment to his client. I rate him higher than anyone in the legal community I have ever run across. His staff was also very professional. I always felt they had my interests as the core of their mission. Other attorneys would have made you feel as if their interests are more important. Not Shannon, your interests will always be his core mission.

On the day of resolution to the case, Shannon was on top of the case from start to finish, and the outcome literally blew me away. I wasn’t prepared for how it came out, matter of fact I thought it would be very difficult for me. I remember not sleeping the entire weekend prior to the case being called. That of course was on me because Shannon exuded confidence from day one.

The day of settlement I saw an attorney who had things literally in the bag. He was professional all the way. Everyone on the opposing side knew him and you could see he was very well thought of by them. In less than a few hours something that had plagued me for 20 years was finally over. I am still learning how to cope with that news, but I came away with knowing that Shannon Locke was the best choice I ever made.

Communication is critical when dealing with complex legal issues. And at times I let things slide to let him get things done. I think that was literally the best way to handle it. If you spend too much time calling him or bugging him over minor points, you end up wasting valuable time. I would say that once you hire Shannon, let him do the work, and leave the driving of the bus to him, and no matter what happens, the outcome will be better than you could have had had you gone elsewhere.

Reviews are subjective, as what you find may or may not fit your situation. But I can say this, from a complex set of legal issues, Shannon literally blew the doors off in solving them. I will always be in his debt. That is just how I came away thinking. Wow, what a great litigator he is. Thoughtful, knowledgeable, and filled with integrity that few attorneys these days actually have, and above all, honest as the day is blue.

If you have an easy case or even a complex case, Shannon Locke is the goto attorney in San Antonio. Mark my words, Shannon knows his stuff and carries himself professionally at all times. Thank you Shannon, you gave my life back to me, and for that I will always owe you.”


“Shannon took time out of his busy schedule on a Saturday to meet with me to discuss my cases. He is very articulate, intelligent, experienced, knowledgeable and very professional. He comes very highly recommended. Thus far, he is my first choice in making my selection this week.”

Richard M.

“Was charged with assault with injury on a co-habitant. Had video evidence to prove not the case and a lair ex gf that didn’t show up to court and Attorney Locke used that to get my case dismissed in a timely manner. He and his staff were always professional and had a broad knowledge on how to play “the game” when it comes to the state prosecutors. I would recommend Attorney Locke to anyone needing a criminal defense lawyer. He knows his job very well! Thanks again”


“I was charged with a crime that I didn’t understand so I went to get information from Google and came to a link that led me to an article written by Mr. Locke on the topic. The article itself was very helpful in understanding what was going on and at the bottom was a link to call his office. I spoke with a receptionist and left my contact information and not very long after I was speaking with Mr. Locke on the telephone. I explained to him how I came across his article and the situation I was in and if he could offer any guidance. He was very polite and informative and gave me some good advice. I would recommend Mr. Locke to anyone who is looking for a lawyer to represent them.”

Joseph A.

“When I was arrested the police claimed I had assaulted my husband. I am a nurse and I cannot have anything on my record. I was very worried that one argument with my husband could lead to me losing everything I had worked so hard for. Shannon listened to me and gave me his cell phone number. He responded to my questions even when I had questions after hours. The case got dismissed. After the dismissal we hired Shannon to do the expunction. Now, there is nothing on my record. We are so lucky to have found Shannon. He really helped us. He never talked down to me and always took my point of view seriously. I am writing this review as my thank you! Know that you can trust in him.”


“I’m the mother who had to go through court dates with my son. My son was charged with burglary. Shannon was utmost professional and knew how to deal with the Guadalupe court structure. My son ended up getting a 10 year probation vs. any jail or prison time even though he was innocent Thank you. Shannon!”

A Satisfied Client

“Called for legal advice, he gave me honest advice and direction as to what my next step should be great guy!!”


“I am from out of town. My GF got charged with a very serious felony. Aren’t they all? She is a nurse and can’t have anything in her record. Mr. Locke went to court for like a year and a half. Finally the case got dismissed. My girl kept her license. I am so glad we trusted him. Thank you sir.”


“I did plenty of research on various attorneys in such short period of time and decided to go with Mr. Shannon Locke to represent my child who was charged with a Domestic Violence and saw no reviews. So, I went on to read his reviews and that is why I made him the choice. Mr. Shannon Locke is a true professional, he is dedicated to his client as well as the profession. Just from the few time speak with Mr. Locke, he is a very intelligent and passionate Criminal Defense Attorney who knows the law as well as care about his clients. He was not quick to judge but quick to listen and that revealed what he was all about.”

Karen W.

“I did plenty of research on various attorneys and decided to go with Mr. Shannon Locke to represent my child who was charged with a DWI. So far we have not been disappointed. Mr. Locke is a true professional, he is dedicated to his client as well as the profession. So, if you are in need of a great attorney, feel confident that Mr. Locke is the one to hire.”

Kathrine M.

“I read all the reviews, did some research, and decided to go with Mr. Shannon Locke, and so far, we have not been disappointed. Mr. Locke is a true professional, dedicated to his clients and the profession. I highly recommend him for anyone in need of a great attorney.”

Kathrine M.

“My husband and I as well as a friend (all seniors) recently met with Shannon Locke for a consultation regarding a rare gold coins scam, also called a white color crime. Shannon got all the facts from us and said he was prepared to take our case, which is not your normal civil case. After doing thorough research, Shannon sends one very complete and to the point letter to the seller, explaining the consequences of the scamming deeds he committed, in real terms and charges he might expect if he doesn’t co-operative with us. The seller immediately reacted favorably and was willing to reimburse us on our terms. After several back and forth negotiations with the seller’s attorney, we were satisfied. We are very grateful for the excellent settlement that Shannon negotiated for us, his negotiation skills are superb!. We would personally recommend Shannon to anybody that is in need of legal advice or representation. When we felt we were up against a wall, Shannon came through for us, always answering his text messages and emails without delay. We highly recommend Shannon Locke to anyone!”

Douglas, Liana S. and Franci S.

“Attorney Locke represented me in a complicated Criminal Mischief Case. He is a very intelligent and passionate Criminal Defense Attorney who knows the law! With his legal guidance and expertise he won my case with supremacy! He was always available on the phone or by email and responded to my queries promptly. Above all he is a great human being who genuinely cares for his clients and staff. I not only found an excellent attorney but a great friend as well!”


“In the most difficult of situations, Mr. Locke is amazing. He was a text or phone call away any time I needed. His staff equally so. There were no surprises as we spent two years on my issue, which he resolved in a more than satisfactory ending. The best person I could have hoped for. If you need a lawyer, you need Shannon Locke.”


“We would recommend Shannon, He was very quick in handling our situation and vary professional. Thank you Shannon for all your help. He went above and beyond for us. Great Job!”


“I was charged with a DWI. Mr. Locke and I looked at all the evidence and we decided a plea bargain was the best way to go. I felt well informed about all my options and I made the best decision for me. Mr. Locke and his staff helped guide me through a tough time. I am very grateful.”


“Mr. Locke worked on my case for over a year. He always kept me informed and answered every question I had. I was unable to be present for numerous court appearances but by some miracle he was able to get my charge dismissed. Mr. Locke I was being charged with deadly conduct. Mr. Locke’s hard work and dedication has proven that there is still great lawyers that believe in true Justice. Thank you very much Shannon for representing me with undoubting professionalism and to the best of your ability.”

A Satisfied Client

“Charge of drugged driving. From the minute I told Shannon the details of my case, he was already formulating the strategic plan. Results = Case completely dismissed.”


“Shannon is an excellent, prompt, enthusiastic and brilliant lawyer. He has just enough reticence to ask correct questions about a case. He knows he needs to. His knowledge of the law is unbelievable; however, his integrity is what really sets him apart as I do not believe he’d do something he didn’t think he should do. His Integrity and brilliance make him the fine attorney he is. His personality is such that it NEVER puts people off. He has a very engaging personality and is always driven by his morals. If I ever got in any criminal trouble, I would
hope that he would represent me.”


“I always felt like I knew what was going on at every step of the process. Helped explain everything that was happening. He even gave me his personal cell phone number at one point. Great experience.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Locke has really saved my life. He is caring attentive and trustworthy, and I know I would have been stuck in a bad situation without his counsel. If you are between a rock and a hard place this is the man you need to see. He goes above and beyond in all aspects and I can say with all confidence that he is a good friend as well as counselor.”


“After my arrest, I was very overwhelmed and no one I knew could give me recommendations for legal representation. Something about Mr. Locke’s profile and his feedback on Avvo prompted me to set up an appointment. I spoke with him the next day (a free consultation) and he had already looked at the materials related to my case. He was very understanding of my situation and patient with me, always answering my questions honestly and thoroughly. I didn’t feel like I was kept in the dark and if I was confused or worried about something, he was quick to clarify. My case was dismissed. I strongly recommend Mr. Locke. He definitely has your best interest in mind.”

A Satisfied Client

“After meeting with several attorneys I decided to retain Mr. Shannon Locke. During our initial consultation I observed that he was very sincere and very knowledgeable about my type of case, a DWI 2nd charge. He is extremely familiar with court procedures and explained thoroughly what I would encounter. Although I was overwhelmed at times by pre-trail requirements, Mr. Locke’s consistent guidance and advice encouraged me at every phase. His experience with these types of cases is a tremendous benefit to his clients. The Locke Law Group Staff was always very courteous, responsive and informative throughout the entire process, and still are. The entire Locke Law Group firm are absolutely Professional and I highly recommend Mr. Locke and his Firm. I’m glad I made the right choice and encourage those of you reading this review to do the same. My case was dismissed and never went to trial.”


“Shannon Locke was an excellent attorney in my case, he got my case dismissed in a month, I have never seen anyone like him before, Thank you, Shannon.”

Justin H.

“You will never find a more trusting and effective team, than Locke.

I was more than appreciative of the time, dedication, and perseverance they’ve dedicated to handling my legal affairs. I hired them to represent me on a very difficult case which required more than most would be willing to take on. I was pleasantly surprised to find individuals that refused to shy away from a challenge like the one I presented. They fought tooth and nail to get me the justice I deserved on not just one but many issues I needed help with and not only were they successful in every victory, they became like an extension of my own family. It’s rather difficult in these modern times to trust anyone, much less a lawyer! However, without a shadow of a doubt, it’s been one of the best decisions of my life to hire them. In conclusion; not only will I use them, again and again, to represent me in any matter pertaining to the law, but I would personally recommend them to everyone including those reading my lengthy review! These men and women at this wonderful law office have not only made life better for me, but for my precious daughter as well. I am beyond grateful, and deeply appreciative of their candor, and respect for each and every client no matter what case they’ve been given. If you’re looking for an amazing group to represent you. This is the one. I’d bet my life on it ;-)”

Haley J.

“SHANNON LOCKE is the best lawyer in San Antonio… From the beginning of my case I was issued a court appointed attorney and the prosecutor was offering me a 2yr deferred adjudication probation but was gonna hit me with a felony if I accepted and the court appointed attorney told me I should take it, I felt so alone with that attorney so we rest the court date so I went home and I started to google attorneys that handled my case situation, I came across Shannon’s profile and something about his profile and his credentials caught me…. I decided to call him that same day I left court and he met at his office without notice, right from the first two minutes of talking to him about my case I knew he was the attorney for me, he took care of my court appointed attorney in other words I took the court appointed off my case and went to work… This guy is so smart and such a quick thinker and not once did I ever feel like I was alone with this case, he kept me informed with the case and I never had to call him, he texted me and kept me up to speed. We’ll those two years that they were offering went right out the window cause Mr. Shannon Locke got my case dismissed yesterday and I feel like a new man , all the stress is all gone cause SHANNON took care of this case for me and my family. If any of you guys are in need of a sharpshooting attorney then Mr. Locke is the Attorney for you…I promise you he will do everything he can to represent you the way you should be represented… THANK YOU AGAIN, SHANNON”


“Mr. Locke handled business! He got my 4-year felony deferred probation terminated 1 1/2 years early. Very nice and professional. Thank you again, Mr. Locke.”

A Satisfied Client

“I recently met with Shannon for a consultation regarding possible charges in a criminal case. During the consultation, he proved to be extremely knowledgeable regarding the case in question. He laid out my options and gave me great advice that has proved invaluable in my current situation. When I received information about a second possible charge, I stopped by his office to schedule another appt for a consultation. He was good enough to meet with me on the spot. He again laid out my options and offered to represent me should any charges be filed. If you find yourself in need of legal advice, you owe it to yourself to schedule a consultation with Mr. Locke.”


“Mr. Locke was the best Attorney I could have had for my problem. He took the time to explain my options. He also made sure I understood what it was I needed to do. He never once talked down to me. I live in Illinois and was a professional truck driver when it happened. I went online to find a lawyer and of all the responses I got Locke was the only one that made me feel confident about getting a good outcome. He goes above and beyond for his clients. He has an excellent team of associates working with him and they are all wonderful and if need be I would use their services in a heartbeat. If you want someone who will fight for YOU, then Shannon Locke and his crew are the ones for you. They are AWESOME!!!!!!!!”


“So, my son got himself arrested for some drug stuff and also a DWI. He asks me for some money and I give it to him and I find out what it is for only later. It was a lawyer. I want to meet this guy and I go over thinking that my kid had gotten shaken down. So we all go in for an appointment. First things first, the appointment was easy to get. His staff is really nice. I have dealt with a lot of professionals and doctors and such and it is always hard to get in. Not here. They set me up for later that week. Then, we go in and he talks to my kid like he’s a grown man. He’s like do this this and this. And he does, and then we find out the case has gotten dismissed. What a blessing! I was really impressed. He saw how worried I was and he gave me his cell phone. I don’t know if he does that for everyone but I was happy.”

A Satisfied Client

“I was on vacation in San Antonio and was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor offense which was transferred over to California my home state. I was put on parole in California by the Interstate Commission for a misdemeanor offense I committed in Texas. (Don’t ask me how this happened; I am still trying to figure it out myself!) I was incarcerated in California for violating one of the conditions of parole. Mr. Locke was contacted by my wife because I was going to be extradited back to Texas. Not only did Mr. Locke get me out of jail, he also helped me resolve my case in Texas. My wife and I were made felt like we were his only clients. He always kept us in the loop of everything that was occurring in our case. There was never a moment that we felt being neglected or felt like he did not care. He did just the opposite. We would receive phone calls from Shannon at all hours of the day, even on Saturdays and Sundays, just to ask how we are doing. Now that’s a first. There is no doubt in our minds Mr. Locke will do the same for you!!!”

Salvador & Liz R.

“I was in the need of an attorney for my case. I ran across several attorneys who I was not pleased with. I am glad that I choose Mr. Locke. He took the time to make sure that I understood everything before he moved on to something else. He is patient and he also communicates with you never leaving you in the dark. He will make sure that he responds to you either by phone or email promptly even in the weekend and made me feel much better about the matter at hand. Another thing I like about attorney is that he will not mislead you. He is very knowledgeable and has already gone farther than any other lawyer to look over my case and tell me exactly what my options are. There is no guesswork with this attorney and I like that!

I highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a dependable attorney.

Finally, he represented me excellently in court to get the desired result and I am very pleased and thankful for all his time and effort in for my case, which had a positive outcome.”

A Satisfied Client

“I had a very high breath test and I thought I was really screwed. I was ready to take a deal but I looked ok on the video. When I went to see Mr. Locke I told him I wanted to go to school and get licensed by the State. I didn’t want to go to jail but I thought I would get convicted. He did an awesome job at my jury trial and we won. What a relief! I was so happy! He’s totally worth it and we talked everything through. He did everything he said he was going to do.”


“I consulted with Mr. Lock and I must say that I was amazed at his compassion and interest in helping. He analyzed the situation in depth and determined a course of action based on the details provided. I was very comfortable throughout and never felt pressured to “choose” him on the spot. I would recommend this courteous professional to anyone who requires an analytical and caring attorney.”

A Satisfied Client

“Shannon was the best choice I made as far as having a lawyer. I am normally a good judge of character, but Shannon exceeded my expectations. He was very knowledgeable on handling my case. He also seems to have a good team of assistants behind him. Including the front desk! I didn`t have to keep calling to find out updates which really meant a lot to me. Either his team or Shannon himself kept me inform completely on my court case. I also found Shannon to be a good listener, which is very important in handling any case. Especially a case that was as serious as mine! I truly feel that Shannon was worth investing in. He gave alternative counsel, which made me feel like it was my choice, but he had my best interested in mind. I knew Shannon Locke was the best choice when I saw that even before I made it into his office to speak with him, he researched some things about my case already. And as far as contacting my character witness, I never had to remind him to do so. His team was right on top of it. With Shannon’s help gratitude. I`m sitting here at my desk in my bedroom. And not behind bars!

I couldn`t think of a better attorney! I highly recommend using his services!

Sincerely speaking with great gratitude.”


“I want to thank Mr. Shannon Locke for representing me on my case of aggravated assault with serious bodily injury it was a very tough case. I was kind of skeptical at first because Mr. Locke was up against 3 prosecutors. But when I saw him in action it was then that I realize that I had made the right choice of choosing him as my attorney. He worked and fought very hard to win my case. He is compassionate, helpful & and a very caring attorney, I have been in the medical field for 17 years and can’t have a felony on my record. Thanks to Mr. Locke I won’t have one, he won my case and it was dismissed, I would highly recommend him because he is a good attorney & a very professional one too. Thank you, Mr. Locke and God blessed me with you. You are an angel.”


“I consulted with Mr. Lock and I must say that I was amazed at his compassion and interest in helping. He analyzed the situation in depth and determined a course of action based on the details provided. I was very comfortable throughout and never felt pressured to “choose” him on the spot. I would recommend this courteous professional to anyone who requires an analytical and caring attorney.”

A Satisfied Client

“I was charged with aggravated assault. Mr. Locke worked hard and got my case dismissed. I am a professional who could not have a felony on my record. Now, I do not have to worry about being on probation. I am thankful that Mr. Locke took my case. He always answered his phone and his staff was great.”

A Satisfied Client

“Martin kept me informed and kept me at ease because I was extremely worried the entire time. They always answered my questions and kept me up to date.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Garcia and Locke were very honing and reliable, very effective and attentive. Both of them and their team responded at all of our questions we had and explained as many times as we need. All of the cases we hired them for, were dismissed. Overall they are great lawyers. Definitely recommended.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Garcia is a very knowledgeable lawyer and will go to battle for you if needed! I presented him with 2 cases in two different counties and he was willing to tackle both of them! He asked from the beginning for me to be patient and he would do everything he could to get my cases dismissed. I trusted him to handle everything and I wasn’t disappointed. Even when the prosecution tried to throw some curves Mr. Garcia stood his ground and at the end of the day, it was in our favor! I highly recommend him as a lawyer for any criminal case you may have.”


“Mr. Garcia did a lot for my case. He went above and beyond to get this charge against me figured out and over with. He kept us positive and posted on every detail that was happening in my case. He showed he cared and gave it his all. Hands down he is the lawyer you want to back you up on your case!”

A Satisfied Client

“I was taken to jail on suspicion of DWI, what a nightmare! Once released I was confused, worried and upset. In my opinion, I did not give the officer probable cause to pull me over, I did not break any law. I sought counsel from Mr. Garcia hoping he could sort out the facts and help me in my time of desperation. After taking my case, putting my mind at ease with every detail, we began proceedings in court. Mr. Garcia presented all his research to the Judge and the case was dismissed immediately!!! A Counselor is the best way to describe Mr. Garcia, he keeps you informed and keeps your mind at ease as he prepares to go to battle for you! Thank again Mr. Garcia!!”


“Mr. Garcia is a lawyer that I would definitely recommend. He went above and beyond when it came to addressing my needs and questions as a client. Just an overall good guy who is able to relate to his clients very well.”

A Satisfied Client

“When I was surprised with a false-claim temporary restraining order that was served to me, with little time to prepare our case and defend me against my ex wife, who had no problem building up her case with lies and deceit to fluff her case/masking the truth, (and had been collecting selective “evidence”) which she twisted to conform to her agenda, hoping to start her ” life” over with her new boyfriend and my children, she had been plotting a calculated plan for the better part of a year, so time, her “questionable evidence” and the odds themselves were stacked against us when I was surprised by this case. In one week, Jennifer was able to build our defense, executed her plan and win our case, which my ex had been secretly plotting for almost a year, unknown to me. The claims were many and some were my word against her, which also lay to try and sway the judge. She calmly yet aggressively defended against all of the accusations, finding a way to have the lies exposed or prove how they were either impossible or highly unlikely, against the petitioner and her team. Not only did we win my case, but I had my children back from my ex who was trying to take them away with her intricate web of misinformation, within 2 hours of leaving the courthouse. I truly believe had I chosen any other attorney, my ex may have gotten away with abusing the system and taking my kids away by misrepresenting the truth. There may be cheaper attorneys available, but with something as valuable as your children being at risk, I couldn’t go in without the BEST by my side in the courtroom. If you’re in need of an attorney and you find yourself lucky enough to have found Jennifer Warren Silva at The Locke Law Group, then you would be doing yourself a disservice if you do not retain her for your case. She’s the best and had these perfect ratings and reviews for a reason folks…trust those of us who were so scared and worried just like you, but Jennifer came through in the end and saved us from a terrible outcome and bettered our situation immensely.”

A Satisfied Client

“I am so grateful for the representation of Jennifer, she went above and beyond at my first divorce hearing. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t move with my kids to be near family in this situation. Truly very professional, understanding and compassionate. You will not go wrong with her. I totally recommend her to anyone looking to have a great representation.”

Griselle E.

“If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have my boys now! I appreciate everything you have done for my family. If you’re looking for a family attorney she’s the one guys! Very professional and smart. Thank you, Jennifer, for all your hard work.”


“She helps my family, and I, through a tuff time. Representing me, in a case from 2012. She’s very professional, strong n powerful speaker. She just made the court process very pleasant, in a not so pleasant time. I’m very happy with the outcome of the case. And I want everyone to know! I highly recommend her!… Thank Ms. Jennifer Silva.”

René H.

“I just want to say that I am grateful to have found Jennifer, she is tough and will go above and beyond for her client. She changed everything around that I could have not ever imagined. She is a fighter, a professional, and an ethical Lawyer that brings the FACTS to light. Thank you, Jennifer.”

A Satisfied Client

“Jennifer Silva has represented me in a tough child protective services case. Recently the department was trying to take all rights away from me and place them with their abusive father which was not right on their part. Jennifer got all the facts straight and she was able to help me win against the department and have all my children return to me on the same day of court. She worked very hard for me was very persistent and precise. She presented all the facts that needed to be to have my children place back with me where they belong. She was quick in the courtroom and was able to stand her ground and fight for me. I definitely recommend her! She is nice kind good hearted and a very hard worker. She is very tough in the courtroom! I’m so glad that I was able to meet with her and have her work for me and win the case that I needed! I’m going to continue on working with her with any other legal matters because I know I will have a good outcome with her representing me. Thank you once again, Jennifer, for all that you have done for me and for my children now they are safe back at home where they should be. If anyone is out there looking for a good hard working determined attorney call Jennifer Silva!!!!”


“Only had a consolation with Jennifer but can definitely say that she is very professional and will answer any questions you might have. Jennifer is very affordable and will be going back to her. I recommend her to anyone that is looking for an attorney.”


“Very good attorney. worked my case as if I were her only client. She made me feel I was worth representing and did a great job. Wish she could be cloned.”