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How Long Does The Entire Expunction Process Generally Take?

The expunction process generally takes at least three months. From the moment that you hire us to the time that the expunction is complete, and the agency destroys your records is anywhere from three to six months. By the end of six months, the records should be destroyed.

What Appears On My Background Check After My Criminal Record Has Been Successfully Expunged?

Private background checking agencies do not have to destroy criminal records. However, almost all private background checking agencies will suggest you verify with the police or with the agency that is subject to report. When someone goes to check with the agency they should not have that report and it should not exist; it should just be blank. For instance, if you do a search on Bexar County’s website and your case has been successfully expunged, the results should just come up with no records found.

Would I Ever Have To Disclose That I Was Arrested If My Record Was Successfully Expunged?

You don’t have to disclose arrests after a successful expunction, but you should always ask yourself if you want to. For instance, for the State Bar, when taking the exam for your character and fitness to validate that you can sit for the bar exam, they will ask you to disclose expunged offenses. If it has been successfully expunged then the court has found you were wrongfully convicted or you were wrongfully arrested. Therefore, you should not have to report it. However, you need to decide for yourself whether or not you want to.

Why Is It Critical To Find An Attorney Specifically Experienced In Handling Expunctions?

You need to hire an attorney who has experience handling expunctions. We will ensure we have the complete list of all agencies involved. If you are doing an expunction on your own, you run the risk of missing an agency. -If you do leave off an agency then you might have not had the expunction done at all or you will have to do another.

Additionally, you need to have the correct address of each agency where they can receive records so that it can be done appropriately. If you have the wrong address or you list the wrong agencies, then it really doesn’t make any sense to do the expunction at all because the records won’t be destroyed.

Expunctions can be expensive. It only takes a couple of misses on your own to make it well worth it to hire an attorney that does it frequently.

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