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San Antonio, TX Warrants- What You Need to Know

Who Can Have A San Antonio, TX Warrants

Are you worried you might have a San Antonio, TX warrant? How would you know? When are warrants issued? Who needs to worry about San Antonio, TX warrants? This guide will help you answer these questions.

Arrest Warrants

Most people who get warrants in San Antonio, TX never suspect that they might be fugitives from justice. So, how does someone get a warrant and not know it? There are two kinds of San Antonio, Texas arrest warrants. There are At Large Warrants and Failure to Appear (FTA) warrants.

What is an At Large Warrant?

Usually, it happens when the police have completed an investigation and taken the results of that investigation to the District Attorney’s Office. The District Attorney then takes the officer’s findings to the Grand Jury. The Grand Jury then determines whether or not probable cause exists that a crime occurred and that you committed it. If they decide that there is sufficient probable cause they will indict you and a warrant will issue for your arrest. No, they don’t have to talk to you. No, they don’t have to get your side of the story. You could be completely unaware that a warrant has been issued for your arrest, until you get arrested. That’s why we offer free warrant checks with no obligation.

What is a Failure to Apppear (FTA) Warrant?

A failure to appear occurs when you miss court. If you have had a court date and didn’t go you will get a warrant for your ar

San Antonio, TX Warrants

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rest. This is true even if you just had a traffic ticket. When you miss your court date you are often remanded without bond (RWOB) or your bond is forfeited. This means that your bondsman (the person who posted your bail) might hire someone to go out and get you (a bounty hunter). If you have a failure to appear you need to hire a lawyer immediately and make arrangements to turn yourself in.

Bond Violation/ Probation Violation Warrants

When you get arrested and after you post bond you will be given certain conditions to follow. If you violate those conditions a warrant will be issued for your arrest. This happens most frequently w

hen you have an interlock violation (you blow dirty into your breath machine) or if you contact the complaining witness in a domestic violence case.When the judge finds out about your bond violation he/she will either increase your bond or remand you without bond. You need an attorney to get the bond set and to explain your violation to the judge.

Search Warrants

Search warrants occur when police officers or when a detective believes that there is probable cause that you are engaged in illegal activity. Search warrants are used to search your home or your vehicle. They allow police officers to bust down your door or stop your car and tear it apart. Usually, search warrants are issued during narcotic or illegal drug investigations.

At The Locke Law Group we offer free warrant checks for anybody living in the San Antonio, TX area. There is no need for to run from a warrant as they are easily resolved by taking you through the satellite bond office. We can resolve most warrants in approximately three hours and allow to continue living your life without having to look over your shoulder.

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