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Being accused of sex crimes in San Antonio, Texas or its surrounding counties can be devastating and terrifying. Once you’ve been accused you need to hire an aggressive sex crime defense attorney. After a sex crime accusation it is common for everyone to assume you’re guilty. It is tempting to want to tell your side of the story. You might believe that you are the victim of a misunderstanding and you might feel the need to explain yourself to your loved ones. Your family and friends may demand answers from you and you might not know how to talk to them about your case. In sex crime cases, more than any other case, early advocacy can change lives. Hiring an attorney gives you an advocate to protect you and buffer you from the outside world. You can concentrate on living your life and we can concentrate on defending you against the accusation.

What Do you Do if you Find Out you are Under Investigation for a Sex Crime?

If you are under investigation you want to know exactly what you are going to be charged with and who is accusing you. You cannot talk to anyone because anything you say to anyone (including your wife, significant other, or parents) can be used against you. That is why you need an advocate on your side who is ready to fight for you and stand by your side. If you have already been arrested you might have strict conditions of pre-trial release that you now have to live with. You might feel like the system is treating you like you are not presumed innocent.

Sex Crimes in San Antonio, TX can be prosecuted by the Federal government or the State of Texas. Both federal and state prosecutors file sex crime cases in San Antonio, Texas. Over the years, the state and federal government have become more aggressive in prosecuting sex crimes. Sex crimes can include anything from indecency, to sexual assault, continuance sexual assault, to child pornography.

An example of the expansion of sex crimes in Texas is the recent criminalization of revenge pornography. People who receive nude pictures of their ex can be prosecuted if they publish those pictures on the internet. Another example of the expansion of sex crime prosecution is the prosecution of indecency cases. Indecency can be sexual touching, and it usually involves a child. It occurs anytime a person makes contact with the genitalia of someone who is under the age of 17. The contact can occur over clothes if there is the intent to arouse or gratify the person. You have to engage in sexual contact with a child who is under the age of 17. Indecency by exposure occurs when a person exposes themselves to a person with the intent to arouse or gratify that person or themselves.

If penetration of the vagina, mouth, or anus occurs, then the accusation will be prosecuted as a sexual assault. If penetration occurs with a child who is younger than 14, then the prosecutors will file more serious charges. The most serious of these cases are when a person is accused penetrating one or more children more than once over a period of 12 months. The minimum punishment is 25 years in prison, and the maximum punishment is life in prison.

At The Locke Law Group we understand how scary it is to be accused of a sex offense. We will work with you to understand your side of the story. We will come up with a strategy to get your case dismissed or to minimize the consequences you might face. These are daunting times but with a dedicated advocate by your side you can get through it. We look forward to working and fighting for you.

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