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Have you been arrested for a theft in San Antonio, TX? Or accused of stealing? In the state of Texas, theft crimes have different names and consequences related to their names, like shoplifting, fraud, misapplication of fiduciary duty, forgery or theft by check. What most people don’t realize is how severe the consequences can be and how vital a proper criminal defense attorney is.

The hidden penalties of a theft charge

Moral turpitude is a term used to describe a person’s moral standing in the legal system. A theft crime leaves you with a bad moral standing in the court system. Even if the circumstances are unrelated, your creditability is stained by the theft charge.

Another common penalty you could face is trouble with employment. Finding a job that doesn’t request a background check or run regulatory criminal checks is hard to find. You could lose your job or fail to land a dream job because of a theft arrest.

We tailor our strategy to your specific case

At The Locke Law Group, we tailor all our strategies to fit to the individual case we take on. No criminal defense case is alike and because of this no strategy can be alike either. When you need an experienced criminal defense attorney, turn to ours.

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