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When Should I Hire a Bexar County DWI Lawyer?

When is the best time to hire a Bexar County DWI Attorney?

Getting arrested for a Bexar County DWI is a scary experience. More and more people in Bexar County believe that Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is a serious problem facing our society. These people continue to push for stricter laws and harsher punishments. But not everybody who is accused of a Bexar County DWI deserves to be treated like a criminal or like an alcoholic. But because of these biased attitudes, you need to hire an aggressive experienced attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights.

When you are arrested for a DWI in San Antonio, Texas you are immediately assigned a Bexar County Court and provided a court date. This provides us with crucial information that will allow us to determine how to handle your Bexar County DWI. Some Bexar County Court Judges allow criminal defense attorneys to file motions to suppress, and some require attorneys to be ready to try the case by a specific setting.

You can never hire an attorney too early, but sometimes it is too late. A DWI triggers important time lines. You have fourteen (14) days to request an ALR hearing. If you do not request an ALR hearing your license WILL be suspended forty (40) days from the day of DWI arrest. Guess what? After your DWI arrest the State does not want you to keep your driver’s license. So, they make it difficult for you to make the request. The Department of Public Safety requires very specific information when you make your ALR request. If you do not include all of the information they require they will reject the request and treat it like it was never made in the first place. Sometimes, when people call over the phone the State claims that no request was made and your license is suspended. This means that you have to get an occupational license.

At The Locke Law Group we have handled hundreds of ALR defenses. ALR Hearings are one of the keys to winning a Bexar County DWI. We have received many ALR dismissals where our clients have avoided having their licenses suspended. We take advantage of being hired early in DWI process to develop evidence that favors our clients. This increases the chances that we can get you the best possible result; a dismissal or an acquittal in front of a jury, or the best possible negotiated result. If you’ve been arrested for a San Antonio DWI, or a DWI anywhere in the Bexar County metro area give us a call so we can immediately get to work on your case.

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