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Assault Bodily Injury- Married What Does that Mean?

September 16, 2022

If you were given paperwork that says Assault Bodily Injury-Married or Assault Bodily Injury Fam/Hou when you left the Bexar County Jail it means that you’ve been arrested for a Domestic Violence Assault. Domestic Violence accusations carry serious consequences. This blog post will take you step by step through the allegations being made against you, tell you want the State has to prove, and how you can win your Assault Bodily Injury- Married case. What Does Assault Mean?               The first term in your charge, Assault essentially means an offensive and unjustified touching.  If they are not more serious an… Read More

Consequences for Soliciting a Prostitute in San Antonio, Texas

August 2, 2022

Most people who have been arrested for soliciting a prostitute in San Antonio, Texas have never been arrested before.  It is normal to worry about what will happen next. These are some of the questions that we get asked; Can their case be dismissed? Will they go to jail? Will they have a permanent criminal record? Getting arrested for solicitation is embarrassing.  This blog helps explain the potential consequences of solicitation and how a criminal defense attorney can help deal with your arrest. What is Soliciting a Prostitute?                 When someone offers money to engage in sexual conduct, they have… Read More

No-Contact Order in Bexar County?

May 17, 2022

In Bexar County, a “No-Contact Order” is put in place when someone is arrested in San Antonio, Texas, for a criminal allegation involving a victim or a complaining witness. No Contact Orders are put in place almost automatically. These orders are called conditions of bond and these conditions can keep you from traveling, keep you from contacting your loved ones and even keep you from returning home. Sometimes, people accused of domestic violence are also served with protective orders. If you have been served with a protective order, you should follow this link to find out what you should do… Read More

House Arrest in Bexar County-How to Fix It

February 27, 2022

The latest trend in Bexar County courts is to put people on House Arrest. Sometimes, people are restricted from going home because they cannot go back to the location of the crime. Judges put difficult conditions in place and people going through the hardest time in their lives find themselves dealing with a situation they don’t understand. Sometimes, the accused has to ask a pre-trial services officer for permission to go to work, to the grocery store, or to the doctor’s office. When you call your court-appointed attorney for help, they don’t return your call and you feel powerless and… Read More

Got a San Antonio, TX Warrant During COVID?

November 28, 2021

Now that the pandemic is subsiding, many people in San Antonio, TX, are asking how they can fix warrants they got during COVID. Having a COVID warrant is just like warrants issued before the pandemic. If you were on probation in San Antonio, Texas, and you stopped reporting, or if you had a criminal case and you missed your Bexar County court date, you probably have a warrant for your arrest. Warrants are very dangerous. If you have a warrant you need to fix it ASAP. This blog will tell you how. How did so many people get warrants during… Read More

Responding to a Bexar County Protective Order

October 24, 2021

Getting served with a Bexar County Protective Order is scary. Bexar County Protective Orders are very serious matters and addressing them properly will allow you to avoid potentially life-changing consequences. Usually, being served with a Protective Order means that you have to stay away from someone with whom you are in a relationship. Sometimes, kids are involved and sometimes you are no longer allowed to reside at your home. What are your next steps? How should you respond? This guide will explain what to do when you are served with a Bexar County Protective Order. How Do You Know If… Read More

Hiring a DWI Defense Attorney in San Antonio, TX

July 5, 2021

Should you hire a DWI defense attorney to represent you on your San Antonio, TX ? What difference does hiring a DWI defense attorney make? These are common questions after someone is arrested for a DWI in San Antonio, Texas. This blog post will answer these questions and explain why hiring an attorney is an important first step in your DWI defense. Why Hire a DWI Defense Attorney when a Lawyer was Appointed to Me?                 Many times when you are arrested for a DWI the magistrate judge appoints an attorney for you. People spend hours attempting to contact their… Read More

Solutions for First Time Arrest in Bexar County, Texas

July 1, 2021

The Difference between Pre-Trial Diversion and Deferred Adjudication in Bexar County, Texas                   First time arrest? When someone is arrested in Bexar County, Texas, for the first time, it is common to have questions and overwhelming feelings of depression. You feel like a criminal. You have to report to a pre-trial officer. You have been a good person all your life, and now you face the prospect of being defined by your arrest. The common question becomes does it make any difference if you have no criminal record? Does it matter that… Read More

How to Get Pre-Trial Diversion in Bexar County

January 30, 2021

After you get arrested the first question most people have, is whether or not they can get their case dismissed. Every case is different. This guide will help answer that question and help you determine whether or not you qualify for a program called, Pre-Trial Diversion (PTD). What is Pre-Trial Diversion?                For decades in Texas, there were three ways of punishing someone for a crime. These ways are 1) Jail/Prison 2) Probation (which, in Texas, is a conviction on your record) suspends jail or prison time while the judge sees if you can… Read More

Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana What to do If you are Accused

December 23, 2020

Although Texas has historically taken a hard line on drugs and drug users, San Antonio and Bexar County are a lot more tolerant of marijuana usage and possession. Within the past few years, Bexar County has amended some of its old procedures. One of those changes was the implementation of a “cite and release” policy for those found in possession of marijuana. What that change means is that if you are found in possession the officer will—typically—write you a citation and you will be on your way.  However, that is not the case if you are found driving after you… Read More