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Three Reasons To Hire A DWI Lawyer In Guadalupe County, Texas

When you are arrested for a DWI you can get a court appointed lawyer to handle your criminal case. This guide will explain why keeping your court appointed lawyer might be a big mistake. Court appointed attorneys only handle the case as it relates to your court appearances. This limited representation leaves you exposed to other consequences. In Guadalupe County, this is especially true. Guadalupe County is known for requiring people to plead guilty to a DWI and requiring them to spend three days in jail as a condition of their probation. There are ways to avoid this, but you need your advocate to make sure these options are investigated.

Reason Number One: Saving Your Driver’s License

Do you drive? Do you like driving and do you want to keep driving? In this day and age some people don’t need to drive anymore. They can live centrally and take Uber from place to place. If, however, you value your driver’s license you should hire a lawyer to help you keep your license. In many cases when someone is accused of a first time DWI we are able to save their license from being suspended. We do this by immediately requesting an ALR hearing. This hearing is a civil procedure where the State argues that your license should be suspended. Having a license suspension for a DWI can have far reaching consequences for your future. If you get any other police contact they will be able to see the suspension. Also, your insurance company will be able to see your DWI. By requesting the hearing we can position you to avoid a license suspension entirely. Many times, our clients do not have their licenses suspended because we win their ALR hearing. We do this by using our knowledge of the Seguin Police Department, Schertz Police Department and the Guadalupe County Sherriff’s Department and other DWI arresting agencies in the Guadalupe County area. Avoiding a license suspension can save you thousands of dollars over the course of your driving life so investing in a DWI lawyer after your DWI arrest makes good financial sense.

Reason Number Two: Getting An Occupational License

The second reason you should hire a lawyer instead of keeping your court appointed lawyer is that your hired attorney can get you an occupational license if your license is suspended. An occupational license is a license that allows you to go to and from work and home. It also allows you to drive to do essential household duties. While there are restrictions on when and where you can drive but having an occupational license will allow your life with the freedom you’ve become accustomed to. An occupational license, in Bexar County, you need to file a civil lawsuit and have a judge approve your application. This requires extra-legal work that most court appointed lawyers will not be willing to do.

Reason Number Three: Fighting Your Criminal Case

The third reason you should hire a lawyer is because you need an analysis of your criminal case. Most people accused of DWI have no criminal record. Keeping it that way after your DWI arrest is a primary job of your criminal defense lawyer. This requires an expert knowledge of how Bexar County DWIs. Our years of experience allow us to know whether your case is a case that can be dismissed or if it is a case we should attempt to negotiate. When we are hired on a DWI we pull the police reports, interview and cross examine the police officer during the ALR hearing, watch the videos to determine whether the police reports are accurate, and make our recommendation regarding whether or not we could prevail at trial. Sometimes, in Guadalupe County, the arresting agency does not bother to get a blood or breath test. This means that they will attempt to prove intoxication (the loss of the normal use of your mental or physical faculties) based exclusively on your performance on the field sobriety tests. You need an attorney who knows how to attack those field sobriety tests. This can mean the difference between a conviction and a dismissal or an acquittal, and these are arguments we are used to making.

When Should You Keep A Court Appointed Attorney?

It is true that sometimes a hired lawyer cannot do any better than a court appointed lawyer and the hired lawyer ends up with the same result. This occurs when the following factors are in play; 1) You were obviously drunk 2) You were obviously driving 3) You have no need for a driver’s license and don’t care what others might think of you if you are convicted for a DWI. Court appointed lawyers provide a valuable function, but if your case needs special treatment hiring a lawyer is worth the investment in your future.


DWI’s are complex cases. They require your attorney to address two separate problems at the same time. These problems are serious enough that if not handled properly they can cost you money for years into the future. Hiring a lawyer is an investment that will pay off in consequences avoided and money saved. Guadalupe County, is a tough county but with adequate legal help you can give yourself your best chance of keeping your DWI from becoming an ongoing problem that hounds you for years to come.

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