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What Types Of White Collar Crimes Does Your Firm Handle?

The most common type of theft case is employee theft. This occurs when someone is working for an organization and takes money that doesn’t belong to them. That’s the most common form of white collar crime. Usually, these cases are different than other cases in the sense that the person has a working relationship with the person who’s being accused. They know who the person is, so then the question becomes why the money was taken and how the money was taken. One of the things that we look at is if there’s any way to provide restitution and whether or not there are other options that the employer would try before prosecuting the case.

Who Prosecutes White Collar Crimes?

In Bexar County, the District Attorney’s office has a white collar crime section. They call it the Special Crimes Unit. Typically, the police will be called, a special detective will be appointed, and that detective will take the case over to the white collar crime section at the Bexar County District Attorney’s office.

How Does The Prosecutor Decide Which Cases To Pursue In White Collar Crime Cases?

Generally, which cases are pursued depends on the amount of the money that was taken. It also is based on the determination of whether or not the person confessed and the amount of evidence they have against them. The likelihood of success is one of the major factors in determining whether or not the prosecution will go forward with the case.

What Is Restitution And Forfeiture In A White Collar Crime Case?

Restitution is essentially the amount of money that the person who was taken from is owed. It’s the amount of loss caused by the crime. Forfeiture is when the agency takes an asset and attempts to seize it and sell it, so that it becomes the state’s property.

Do I Need An Attorney If I Intend To Plead Guilty In My White Collar Crime Case?

You absolutely need an attorney if you intend to plead guilty to any crime. One of the most important things that an attorney can do is try to limit the amount of punishment you receive. Even if you’re going to plead guilty, it is very important that you receive competent legal counsel to protect your rights.

I Was Just Convicted In A White Collar Crime Case. Am I Certain To See Prison?

If you were convicted in a white collar crime case, the judge is going to give you a sentencing hearing and at that sentencing hearing, he will make a determination based on what the victims say, what you say, and what the state says. It’s your defense attorney’s job to make sure that your punishment is limited as much as possible.

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